Welcome to DemonChain's ultimate Gitbook. You shall find all you need to know about DemonChain here!

DemonChain is engineered for widespread, mainstream use by being energy efficient, lightning-fast, and extremely inexpensive.

Many of the core DemonChain builders have a background in building cell phone networks. That means that they are singularly focused on building for scalability (the ability to grow) and efficiency (the ability to get the most information across with the least amount of resources). They believe that for people to build projects that will get the public to use blockchain technology, you need to make it as easy and painless as possible for people to experiment and use the technology as possible.


DemonChain stands apart from leading blockchain technologies by avoiding energy-intensive mining and complex calculations for security validation. Instead, it utilizes an innovative approach called DAG (direct acyclic graph) system, to achieve faster and more efficient validation processes. The energy consumption of DemonChain is comparable to just a few Google searches, far less than typical household appliances like refrigerators. In addition, transaction fees on DemonChain are minimal, amounting to a fraction of a cent. With its streamlined and sustainable approach, DemonChain offers a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for blockchain transactions.

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