Security Layer

The Security Layer in the DEMON Network is a specialized, non-mandatory layer that provides "validators as a service". This concept involves a group of validators available to check the validity of any DEMON chain periodically for a fee. Generally, this layer is implemented as a meta-blockchain that operates across the entire network, overseeing various essential functions such as:

Validator Management: This involves tasks such as the registration and deregistration of validators, the distribution of rewards, and the shuffling or rotation of validators to promote security and prevent any single entity from gaining excessive control over the network.

DEMON Chains Validation: The Security Layer also oversees the validation of the DEMON chains, ensuring that the state transitions occurring on the chains are correct and conform to the network's rules and protocols.

The Security Layer is fully abstract, meaning it can have multiple instances, each implemented by different entities and with distinct characteristics. It can also be implemented directly on a smart contract platform, where DEMON miners are charged with performing the validation tasks. This abstract and flexible design enables the Security Layer to adapt to the varying needs of different DEMON chains, contributing to the security, efficiency, and adaptability of the DEMON Network.

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