DEMON Developer Platform

The DEMON Labs, the principal governing entity, is pledged to foster an environment conducive to scalability and user interaction, empowering third-party Decentralized Applications (DApps) to flourish within its network. Following the blueprint of Labs that underpin platforms such as Ethereum, NEO, and EOS, the DEMON Labs will endorse DApps originating from these base chains, advocating for their construction and subsequent migration of user-facing applications and transactions to the DEMON Network.

Furthermore, DEMON Labs plans to allocate resources in the form of grants and funding to third-party developers. This initiative is intended to stimulate the creation of a wide variety of use cases on top of the DEMON Network

DEMON Developer

The DEMON Developer Platform, built on the advanced DEMON Chain technology, provides blockchain developers with a flexible, efficient, and secure environment to create and implement applications. It integrates features like on-chain parallelism, pluggable consensus, and smart contracts, empowering developers to build innovative applications and potentially generate higher revenues. With tools and resources at their disposal, developers can leverage the speed, security, and transparency of blockchain technology to create traceable and efficient applications. As more developers participate, the platform is expected to contribute to the growth and evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

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