DEMON Ware Layer

The DEMON Network is conceptualized as a constellation of independent or sovereign blockchain networks. Each network within this constellation operates autonomously, dedicated to serving its unique community's needs while maintaining key functions like:

Transaction Collation: This involves collecting and organizing a group of transactions for processing. Collation is an important step as it ensures that transactions are efficiently managed and prepared for validation and inclusion in the blockchain.

Local Consensus: Each network maintains its own local consensus algorithm. This mechanism is used to agree on the validity of transactions and their inclusion in the next block. Consensus algorithms are essential to maintaining the security and integrity of the blockchain.

Block Production: Each network is also responsible for the production of new blocks to add to its blockchain. This involves validating transactions, forming them into a block, and adding this block to the chain in a manner that adheres to the blockchain's rules and protocols.

Together, these functions enable each individual blockchain network within the DEMON Network constellation to operate effectively, serving their respective communities while contributing to the broader interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

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