NFT Ecosystem

DEMON Chain is pioneering the development of the DRC-721 protocol, which is set to revolutionize how users interact with digital identities and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Through this groundbreaking protocol, each digital identity created will be a unique NFT in its own right. Leveraging the DID identities they have established; users will gain the freedom to mint and trade NFTs on the DemonChain NFT platform seamlessly.

The process follows these core stages:

Creation of DID Identities: Users generate DID identities endowed with NFT attributes. This results in a distinctive digital identity for each user, which serves as a unique NFT.

Minting NFT Assets: Users can then mint their own NFT assets through the NFT Foundry smart contracts, turning their unique digital ideas or properties into tradable tokens.

Trading NFT Assets: Once minted, these NFT assets can be traded on the DEMON Chain NFT platform. This platform supports both free-market trading and auction-based selling, providing users with multiple avenues to exchange their tokens.

The dual trading modes enhance user participation and provide a wider distribution of returns, thereby enriching the NFT trading experience on the platform. This way, DEMON Chain brings NFT creation, minting, and trading under one unified, user-friendly platform, creating a comprehensive NFT ecosystem that encourages creativity, exchange, and value creation.

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