DEMON Core Layer

DEMON chains have the capability to host and execute any mission-critical component of their logic using smart contracts. This layer is actualized through a collection of Ethereum smart contracts, responsible for a variety of essential functions including:

Finality/Checkpointing: This process ensures that certain states or blocks in a blockchain are marked as final, indicating that they can no longer be changed or modified. This serves as a critical safeguard in ensuring the immutability of the blockchain.

Staking: This is a mechanism where users 'stake' their tokens in the system to perform various network functions such as validating transactions. Users who stake their tokens are often rewarded for their contributions to network security and operations.

Dispute Resolving: The smart contracts help in resolving any disagreements or conflicts that might arise in the network, such as those related to transaction validation or the execution of smart contracts.

Messaging between BSC and DEMON chain: The smart contracts facilitate communication between the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the DEMON chain. This ensures seamless interoperability and data transfer between the two chains.

By leveraging the programmability and flexibility of smart contracts, DEMON chains can execute complex logic, validate transactions, and interact with other blockchain networks, thereby enhancing their functionality and versatility.

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