GameFi Ecosystem

DEMON Chain harnesses the power of blockchain technology to maintain equilibrium and long-term viability in the game economic system. Aspects like economic rules of the game, asset transfer models, game IP copyrights, and system voting governance procedures are all stored on the blockchain, executed using cryptographic signatures or smart contracts. Additionally, cross-chain and side-chain mechanisms facilitate seamless interfacing with the game system, game Dapps, and game application chains.

The goal of DEMON Chain is to diligently develop, operate, and assimilate blockchain games to establish a blockchain game state and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is community governed. The system is envisioned to be self-evolving, scalable, and open to all.

In the beginning, the game will establish some basic rules. However, as the game progresses and new modules are added, rule-making authority will be vested in the hands of the entire DAO community. This will allow the game to evolve organically, with each user not just playing the game but also contributing to its design and development. This unique approach empowers every user, blurring the lines between game players and game designers, thus creating a truly interactive and dynamic gaming environment.

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