Future Plan

Phase 1: Labs (Timeline: September 2021 – May 2023)

· Establish the core team and technical infrastructure.

· Conduct in-depth research and analysis to define DEMON Chain's architecture and design principles.

· Develop and launch the DEMON Chain Testnet to gather feedback from the community and identify potential improvements.

· Collaborate with external auditors and security experts to conduct thorough audits and ensure the robustness of the platform's codebase.

· Establish the DEMON Labs as the governing entity.

Phase 2: Mainnet Launch and Initial Features (Estimated Timeline: 12-18 months)

· June 2023: Mainnet Launch

· Officially launch the DEMON Chain Mainnet to the public.

· Make the DEMON Chain network accessible for users to participate and transact.

· Enable the use of the DEMON tokens for payments and transactions.

· Implement the Execution Layer, DEMON Ware Layer, Security Layer, and DEMON Core Layer in the architecture.

· Integrate the DEMON Virtual Machine, providing a secure and powerful execution environment for smart contracts.

· Develop and optimize the Registered-Based VM and Stack-Based Model for efficient contract execution.

· Establish the structure of DEMON Chain, including block formation, consensus mechanism, and governance model.

· Allow migration of DEMON tokens from Binance Smart Chain to DEMON chain

Phase 3: Ecosystem Growth and Expansion (Estimated Timeline: Ongoing)

· July 2023 and onwards: Ecosystem Growth and Expansion

· Continuously enhance the performance and scalability of DEMON Chain through ongoing research and development.

· Encourage the development of decentralized applications and projects across various industries.

· Support the integration of DEMON Chain with other blockchain networks, promoting interoperability and collaboration.

· Improve developer tools, documentation, and resources to facilitate the development of applications on DEMON Chain.

· Organize events, hackathons, and developer conferences to foster community engagement and knowledge sharing.

· Continuously gather feedback from the community and incorporate community-driven improvements into the platform.

· Regularly update and enhance the DEMON Chain Mainnet with new features, enhancements, and optimizations.

· Explore and integrate new technologies and advancements that can further enhance the capabilities of DEMON Chain.

· Conduct research and development in emerging areas such as decentralized finance (DeFi), artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), to expand Demon Chain's potential use cases.

Phase 4: Decentralized Exchange and Marketplace Support (Estimated Timeline: Ongoing)

· Optimize the DEMON Network to support decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

· Launch the first DEX, KC Swap on DEMON chain.

· Provide faster trades and more cost-effective transactions compared to existing blockchain platforms.

· Enhance security by leveraging blockchain's immutability and transparency.

· Foster the growth of a decentralized marketplace on the DEMON Network, allowing for the creation, trade, and ownership of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Phase 5: Lending, Credit Scoring, and Identity (Estimated Timeline: Ongoing)

· Implement a creditworthiness assessment system using transaction history to evaluate credit risks and extend credit in token form.

· Utilize the Dharma protocol to enable tokenized debt agreements and facilitate lending.

· Develop the Open-Identity system to simplify user interactions with blockchain-based applications, improving security and user experience.

Phase 6: Gaming, Infrastructure, and Developer Tools (Estimated Timeline: Ongoing)

· Integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through the DRC721 standard, enabling unique digital assets within the gaming ecosystem.

· Launch first GameFi platform (DemonX) and Metaverse platform (DEMON World) on DEMON chain

· Provide infrastructure improvements to enhance user-friendliness and accessibility.

· Develop software development kits (SDKs) and open-source tools to encourage third-party developers to build on the DEMON Network.

· Foster a vibrant ecosystem of decentralized applications (DApps).

Phase 7: Artificial Intelligence Integration (Estimated Timeline: Ongoing)

· Explore the integration of AI with the DEMON Network to extract insights and patterns from blockchain data.

· Develop AI-based predictive analytics, fraud detection systems, automated decision-making, and optimization of blockchain infrastructure.

· Ensure responsible and user-centric use of AI, addressing security, privacy, and ethical concerns.

· Please note that the timeline and order of the phases are subject to change based on the progress of development, market conditions, and community feedback.

Please note that the timeline and order of the phases are subject to change based on development progress, market conditions, and community feedback.

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