DEMON Wallet

Demon Wallet is a multi-chain digital wallet that supports various platforms. It offers an integrated experience, combining wallet functionality, data management, metaverse interaction, and transactions. Demon Wallet provides a comprehensive view of user assets through contract analysis. By analyzing data, it can recommend high-quality applications. It supports the viewing and transfer of multi-class on-chain assets, including NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It also supports parsing of the standard DRC721 protocol, allowing NFT assets to be displayed at any time and place.

Demon Wallet is committed to creating a new social wallet ecosystem that is underpinned by blockchain technology and possesses unique attributes:

Strong Authentication: The system carries out different levels of mandatory real identity verification for global users to ensure that users on the platform are genuine and valid.

High Privacy: Using a privacy design mechanism based on Bitcoin, the system ensures the protection of users' core privacy data.

Weak Relations: The platform targets social payments between strangers.

Strong Personality: The platform fully allows users to express their own personality, orientation, and needs.

In order to build a diversified scenario application for Demon Wallet's multi-chain wallet value system, Demon Wallet will provide blockchain-based infrastructure for DApps and establish a broader wallet value ecosystem. Guided by libertarian values, the aim is to attract and bring together all free and open-minded believers worldwide to create the Demon Wallet multi-chain wallet value system.

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